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Loc Interval orar Eveniment
1001 ARTE19:00 - 03:00Bestiar II
A5 Studio Space19:00 - 03:00Muzeul Benzii Desenate
ALERT studio19:00 - 02:00THANK YOU FOR BUYING!
Bucharest19:00 - 02:00CEILINGS
ART HUB 19:00 - 02:00Autoportret
ART HUB 19:00 - 03:00The Photo
Art Yourself Gallery19:00 - 01:30Eclectic IM-probabilities
Art Yourself Gallery19:00 - 01:30Confessions
Artera | art + medicine20:00 - 03:00Salvation Museum
Atelier 03020218:00 - 00:00MISSING THOUGHTS
Anca Coller Studio19:11 - 02:15“Art Sheet Cleaning” – visual arts installation
Atelier Lucian Sandu Milea20:00 - 04:00STOCK - Creative Bazaar
BEAT bar umanist19:00 - 07:00Stalked by Surrealism
Central University Library " Carol I " 19:00 - 01:00 "White-Black" exhibition ,photo&video
Carol 5320:00 - 03:00365
Carturesti Carusel19:00 - 23:59Redescoperirea apei calde
Dacia House21:00 - 01:00DIPLOMA 2018
Casa MANU19:00 - 03:00Re-Cyclying Histories
Celula de arta18:00 - 20:00Singularity
CINETic19:00 - 01:00UTOPHOBIA
Combinatul Fondului Plastic, the inner yard. 19:00 - 01:00Krinollette- Pure joy of the decay
creart Gallery20:00 - 01:00ROOMS
Cube19:00 - 06:00Am Fotografii
EASTWARDS PROSPECTUS19:00 - 03:00Truth Lies Not Only In a Dream, But in Many Dreams
ETAJ artist run space19:00 - 07:00KAKOTOPIA
Forma919:00 - 02:00Mirrors
Galateea Contemporary Art19:00 - 02:00JUDIT CRĂCIUN - "METAFORMES - samples of some plastic concepts"
Anca Poterasu Gallery19:00 - 03:00Aria Mineralia
CONTEMP Gallery19:00 - 03:00New Migrations
Contrast Gallery18:00 - 04:00Great Union Centenary
GALATECA CONTEMPORARY ART AND DESIGN GALLERY19:00 - 01:00We are connected/ Drawing and urban garment at Galateca by Mircea Moroanu
Mobile Gallery19:00 - 02:00Antistatic on Eminescu @ Galeria Mobila
Nicodim Gallery19:00 - 01:00Trent Harris: Mondo Utah
Galeria Posibilă19:00 - 02:00Salon für Kunstbuch. Selected books.
ROMAN GALLERY19:00 - 02:00Atelier Roma-Milita Sion
Romniceanu Gallery20:00 - 02:30Upside Down World
Sector 1 Gallery19:00 - 00:00Norbert Filep/solo show "Mapping the paper"
Carol Gallery19:00 - 02:00Elective Affinity
Gallery21:00 - 00:00ARMY LANDH
Gallery21:00 - 00:00Textile fantasies - serigraphy workshop
Go Art Projects Pop-Up19:00 - 03:0059.99 barriers were swinging on a cobweb
Goethe-Institut Bucharest, Pavilion 32 19:00 - 03:00Games and Politics
Grund Art Space19:00 - 23:59Experiment
H'art Gallery19:00 - 15:00Giuliano Nardin - 001
Imbold Gallery - Acuarela19:00 - 01:002018 Restrospective
Balassi Intstitute - Hungarian Institute in Buchare19:00 - 03:00Confluence 2
The French Institute in Bucharest19:00 - 22:00Moving Monuments - The Goth
LABORNA Contemporary Art Gallery19:00 - 03:00The Happiness Recipe/ Ciprian Paleologu/ The 10th stage of the Proiectului UMAN
LINOTIP - Independent Choreographic Center19:00 - 01:00Exposing Movement
Macaz19:00 - 02:00Unequal: personal stories
Mobius Gallery19:00 - 03:00The Hole and the Dot
Modern and Contemporary Art Museum Pavel Șușară21:00 - 00:00Movie projection ”Comoara naivă”, director Copel Moscu
Modern and Contemporary Art Museum Pavel Șușară21:00 - 00:00Signs, effigies, visions
National Museum of Romanian Literature20:00 - 22:00About Letter and Sign
The National Museum of Contemporary Art 19:00 - 00:00The Nomadic Museum of Contemporary Art
Nadina Pascariu Gallery19:00 - 00:00Jurnaliera din Noptieră (The Nightstand Diary)
Observator319:00 - 22:00Domesticated water
Pop Up Gallery by Amway19:00 - 02:00Artistry Studio Gallery
Qreator by Iqos19:00 - 03:00Platonic Forms by Obie Platon
Scena9 BRD Residence19:00 - 03:00Artist-Run Culture – Criticism, Resistance, Getaway
Rotenberg - Uzunov Art Gallery 19:00 - 03:00Mircea Roman - Fățuitorul de suflete
Teatrelli (creart)21:00 - 22:00Celelalte Cuvinte - Acoustic Concert
Salonul de proiecte19:00 - 23:00Where do we go from here?
sandwich20:00 - 01:00a chaotiC MutaTion, a cAnvas Leak
The Street of Saints no.619:00 - 03:00Liminal
Jewish State Theater18:30 - 02:00Rita's story
Odeon Theatre, Odeon Gallery21:00 - 01:00Mari maeștri ai picturii românești
The Hive19:00 - 02:00Meet The Hive
UNAgaleria19:00 - 05:00Extension+
UnSpațiu19:00 - 03:00Hidden In The Blinding Light