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The Hungarian Institute in Bucharest is promoting contemporary Hungarian art related to the international tendencies by exhibitions, concerts, films, literary events, theatre and dance performances. It also offers library with more than 9000 publications and organizes Hungarian courses.

Confluence 2

Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
05.10.2018 - 05.10.2018
  • 19:00 - Deschidere
  • 19:00 - instalaţie participativă
  • 03:00 - Inchidere
Confluence 2 The Balassi Institute - Hungarian Institute of Bucharest invite visitors on the Night of the Galleries to the Confluence 2 exhibition, a project that started last year from the initiative of the Mureş County Museum made through an open call for young artists (between 20 and 40). Approximately 250 works of art were submitted through the open call and 90 of them made by 45 artists were selected for the exhibition which took place in three locations in Târgu Mureş. At The Balassi Institute – Hungarian Institute of Bucharest could be seen a part of those works. The exhibition includes several forms of contemporary visual art, involving both traditional mediums (painting, sculpture, drawing, graphics) as well as alternative ones (video, interactive instalations and conceptual art). Through this event, we propose an intercultural dialogue with the help of a new generation of visual artists. Curator Andrea Nagy. Artists: Liviu Acasandrei, Bába István, Alexandra Baciu, Beaver, Oana- Georgiana Cervinschi, Flavia Chicin, Bianca Andreea Constantin, Csóka Szilárd Zsolt, Adrian Dică, Alina Maria Dobrică, Fábián Emőke, Fülöp József, Gábor Barna-Róbert, Gagyi Botond, Uliana Gujuman, Mircea Hristescu, Bianca Maria Ioniță, Makkai István, Máthé László, Paul Darius Moldovan, Nagy Andrea, Nagy Annamária, Laura Niculescu, Péter Eszter, Alexandru Daniel Smuczer, Irina Spînu, Anca Stătică, Silvia Stoica, Szabó András, Szabó Anna-Mária, Alexandra Tătaru, Török Abigél, Török Tihamér, Ioana Turcu, Mădălina-Marcela Tușinean, Ungvári-Zrínyi Kata, Naiana Vatavu. Noémi Zajzon invites you to a participative installation: "Our democracies live more as a seduction than a vision, producing and building compromises of compromises, and refashioning themselves depending on the market or the season. What’s their promise to fulfil the fantasy of good life? How do we participate in the making of our social and political imaginaries? This is an invitation to join the making of a movement. We will replace the myths and realities of democracies with prototypes of social imaginaries - whether that is a paper model, a photograph, a diagram, a drawing, a storyboard - and rewrite the story of a democracy as a wholesome habitat. This will be done in an interactive and participatory way - whether you are challenging current affairs or dreaming future ones - all are welcome!"