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Imbold Gallery is an ongoing project of the Imbold Association and an independent space of contemporary art. Imbold has many projects that include the promotion of artists such as Misha Diaconu, Vicotr Fota, Claudiu Ciobanu, Andrei Argaetic, Nicu Kitra Duta, Buzu Ana Andronic, the collective project of responsible design “Furnitubes”, the only digital art festival – “PAF!”, the first arts festival inspired by folklore “Imbold Nativ”. The gallery space is doubled by the loft “Acuarela – Bistro de Arte”.

2018 Restrospective

Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
05.10.2018 - 05.11.2018
  • 19:00 - Deschidere
  • 01:00 - Inchidere
Friday, on 5th October, White NIght of Art Galleries, 19:00-01: 00 **, Imbold, Gallery presents a 2018 retrospective of artworks with nine artists. The retrospective includes the artists: Alina Marinescu, Andrei Argaetic, Alexandru Dumitru, Misha Diaconu, Patron Square, Raluca Bararu, Raluca Preda, Victor Fota, Vlad Baciu. Alina Marinescu will reveal "5 things about me" - a series of self-portraits, illustrated by situations in her own reality. Andrei Argaetic will exhibit the work "Inside the Nest" created in Portugal in the artistic residency "Other Lands, other Sounds". "Inside the Nest" is an installation on a bark tree with the sound of Josh Geffin & Jorge Salgado, which is based on the circle of life, namely the rebirth of the ashes, and the fact that nature knows its condition, to resume life again after destruction. Alexandru Dumitru says about "Relicva" that "it was once magical, with supernatural powers, some venerated, others forgotten, a fragment of an old history ... An object as bizarre, now as trivial. Civilizations come and go, move and turn ... We are only a tiny wire of sand. " Misha Diaconu presents the latest work in the series of lips, a work that began in the first month of the year and recently completed: "I feel you in the palm of my hand." Although in 2018, PisicaPătrată was very active in mural art, Retrospective 2018 will reveal a recent work from the portrait series Pisica Pătrată. 2018 was a full year for Raluca Bararu, so we put her in the difficulty of selecting one of her surrealist artistic universe for Retrospective 2018. Raluca Preda presents the „Totem” ceramics work, or rather a pretext to play with abstract and semi-abstract shapes, embodying in them figures, signs; Overall, it is a work that takes you to archaic forms of ancient civilizations. After his first personal exhibition at Imbold, Gallery, Victor Fota returns to Imbold with the latest series of works called "Entropy". Vlad Baciu, a passionate painter of portraits, will exhibit at Imbold, Gallery, the most recent work done in his studio.