Go Art Projects Pop-Up
Piata Alba Iulia 1


Opened in the fall of 2014, GO Art Projects is a contemporary art platform dedicated to the exhibition of exceptional contemporary painting, graphics, sculpture, new media, installation and photography by established and emerging artists. We typically host collective exhibitions and have launched several initiatives (Go professor-students series, Go Art in Romania, Go Art&Business). We are a nomad platform, our events will be hosted in different spaces, both in Romania and abroad.

59.99 barriers were swinging on a cobweb

Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
05.10.2018 - 07.10.2018
  • 19:00 - Deschidere
  • 03:00 - Inchidere
For NAG12, Go Art Projects proposes the group exhibition "59,99 barriers swinging on a cobweb", an exhibition open in a pop-up space, bringing together the works of seven contemporary artists: Adriana Florea Băloiu, Anca Boeriu , Alina Marinescu, Alexandru Rădvan, Simona Vilău, Ciprian Paleologu and Aurel Vlad. 59.99 of barriers were swinging on a cobweb Curator Adriana Florea Băloiu And when the cobweb finally breaks, it happens in a silence such perfectly developed to the smallest detail so that nobody can tell. Like it matters. As if all the barriers fall into the empty pit of unknown barriers and disappear forever. If you want to enjoy the virgin time after the cobweb broke and listen to the echo of the barriers as they are falling, giving their last breath into your thoughts, dreams, hopes, you have to hurry up and in a fraction of a second to sip your victory, as immediately a new cobweb pats you on the back. A new day, another you and other 4, 35, 12, 59.99, 44, 7 barriers that may dissolve or not, reconfiguring the present rendered scenario in each one's inner order. Starting from this filter, we find seven artistic discourses, different in visual and conceptual language, imprinted by the adaptation of the scenery to the inner inventory. Adriana Florea Băloiu