Galateca is a multidisciplinary art and design gallery located at the ground floor of the Central University Library „Carol I“, in a lively and modern space, designed by the award-wining architect Radu Teaca. Our story began on the 6th of December 2012 with the private view of our first exhibition: Stories in Pictures. We started our journey thinking about a lot of beautiful projects and with some clear intentions in our minds. To be quite open and to experiment a lot. To create an effervescent space, where contemporary art meets the classics. And also to develop a platform that brings together artists, designers, architects, curators and communication experts. All these so we can offer our public a different kind of interaction with art, one that truly involves everybody. We consider that we accomplished our promises. The best proof would be our 18 exhibitions that gave us the opportunity to explore different areas and types of artistic expressions: from cartoons to videos, from paintings and drawings to installations and happenings, from contemporary Romanian artists that are successful abroad to renowned artists from around the world, from reviving identity symbols like the Romanian Blouse to vintage and haute couture collections, from Romanian classics to international artists. We have worked in partnership with prestigious national and international cultural institutions, such as the Romanian Cultural Institute, Horniman Museum in London, Czech Cultural Centre and Central University Library among many others. But also we want to mention the countless events that turned our space into a theatre hall, a catwalk or into the scene of various performances. We also assumed a coherent strategy to promote Romanian culture within the “Romanian Art Energy” project and two wide directions that define the Galateca spirit: design and international contemporary art. We wanted to surprise you with a new concept of gallery shop. This is why we launched NeoGalateca at the beginning of 2013, a store that puts together innovative home & deco international brands, the best designers and the most talented Romanian and international artists. It is a space that displays object-design, books and artistic portfolios. It is one of the few places in Bucharest where you can find “the Romanian Gift Shop” with small series or unique collections that combines art and design inspired by Romanian tradition, but manufactured in a “museum quality” manner. In addition, NeoGalateca is often complementary to the main exhibition space, hosting various performances and ‘artist’s rooms’. In this short time, Galateca became a reference cultural space, a platform which promotes original arts and design projects, constantly adapting and tuning to local and international art scenes. The Galateca story goes on with every event, every exhibition and every artist.

We are connected/ Drawing and urban garment at Galateca by Mircea Moroanu

Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
02.10.2018 - 07.10.2018
  • 19:00 - Deschidere
  • 01:00 - Inchidere
Drawing and urban garment in Galateca Who are we when we are in love? Who are with my girlfriend or boyfriend? How does the perfect kiss look like? These are some of the questions that artist Mircea Moroianu tries to answer by his drawings in the WE CONNECTED exhibition. Analytical and minimalist, the artist's works are surprising radiographs of love mechanisms and projections of the ideal couple today. "I'm trying to understand everything I live in. That's what I did when I looked for love. I wondered what she was. These drawings are actually notes, some "save as" of that search, "says Mircea Moroianu. The artist does not propose a scientific approach, but a self-referential and personal theme. "I sometimes think of a drawing for several days and when I see it clearly, I draw it in a few minutes. There are some drawings that when I saw them I thought I had known them for a long time. " In the exhibition WE ARE CONNECTED, Mircea Moroianu's art descends from the wall and conquers a more unusual environment: the shirt. The clothing design by NEOGALATECA together with Mircea Moroianu combines the artist's designs and smart messages with a carefully chosen cut to create a perfect fashion line for the city: the urban garb. Launched with the WE CONNECTED exhibition, VESMÂNT URBAN has messages that continue the theme of the exhibition, but it also explores some new topics, such as vice versa. "In the form of a cylinder, the shirt is actually an infinite cloth," says Mircea, who invites the public to be embraced by his drawings both in his own and in his figure.