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The French Institute in Bucharest is a platform for production, broadcasting, artistic and cultural engineering in partnership with local cultural actors. Nasui Collection & Gallery is an independent cultural operator that collects and supports modern and contemporary artists.

Moving Monuments - The Goth

Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
05.10.2018 - 05.10.2018
  • 19:00 - Deschidere
  • 22:00 - Inchidere
Gallery Owners:
The French Institute in Bucharest and Nasui Collection & Gallery propose the project "Monuments on the Move - the Barbarian", artist Alexandru Rădvan, within the NAG 2018. Alexandru Rădvan`s artistic statement: "The Barbarian: the one who comes from the unknown, disturbing the order of our lives, with wild aura, bringing along the unrefined but exciting perfume of all the places he has crossed. It is ferocious and beautiful as an animal, feared and admired in varying proportions. " Cosmin Nasui`s curatorial statement: "Where today lays the city center, in the distant past there was an area of peripheral gardens. And Alexandru Rădvan's Barbarian is a contemporary sign for a former line of civilization. His monumental sculpture is hosted in the esquisite Atrium of The French Institute in Bucharest. The building at no. 77, Dacia Boulevard, built between 1909-1910 by the Romanian-born German architect Oscar Maugsch, was bought by the French state from the Olanescu family. The French Institute in Bucharest has pursued its mission there since 1934. << In 1856, the vineyards and the orchard are bought by an editor and librarian, George Ioanid [...] By 1891, he wants to build dwellings [...] The architect Ion Mincu was proposed to be commissioned and so the project entitled Cetatea Romaneasca appeared. [...] In order to accomplish his plan, Ioanid needed the municipality to open a street on this land. [...] In 1909 he was thinking of the project of a large boulevard, New Boulevard, building a first segment. The Future Frech Institute is the third house [...] >> "Bucharest, Dacia Boulevard 77, a Franco-Romanian story", Richard Edwards, Humanitas Publishing House, 2016 The Moving Monuments Project, launched in 2014 by Nasui Collection & Gallery, aims to produce, present and travel large-scale works of art in prestigious contemporary venues around the world. The program is developed in two sections: the History section refers to the Memory of Anti-Communist Resistance and the Vanished Monuments of Romania, and the section Identity aims the European values of tolerance and diversity. The temporary monumental sculpture 4.30 m-high "The Goth" is, contrary to its name, non-intrusive and venue-friendly.