Combinatul Fondului Plastic, the inner yard.
str. Baiculesti 29


Montage Gallery/ Combinatul Fondului Plastic, the inner yard.

Krinollette- Pure joy of the decay

Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
05.10.2018 - 06.10.2018
  • 19:00 - Deschidere
  • 01:00 - Inchidere
Krinollette is animation, performance, dance, movement and intervention, all at the same time. Krinollette is glory and decadence, building and breaking. It is the supreme being and its builders, it is squandering and torment. Krinollette needs you. She will not survive, but she will have a more beautiful end. Admire her, her short life draws its energy from your eyes! Listen, join the dance, beat the rhythm and sharpen your nails. Krinollette, you have no escape! (Visuals and animation by Vali Chincișan, Performance & Costumes by Anca Ciofirla, Sofia Ovejan, other visuals and graphics by Mirela Iordache, Simona Petrica, Daniel Valeriu Neculai and their guests: Silvia Niculae, Theodor Niculae, Valentina Ivorciuc, Alina Ispas, Ramona Tira, stage & film director- Valentin Goran).