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Since May 2014, a house-monument from the centre of Bucharest became Roman Gallery. It appeared from the desire of the founders to give to the public in Romania and not only, a common space, which carry with them at least a soul and few glances. In Roman Gallery you will find a new perspective that goes beyond the classic exposure, impersonal work of art, a dialogue between the viewer and the artwork, an oasis of beauty and education of the gaze in a world rushed and constantly moving. Here, at Romanian Gallery, you will find decorative art exhibitions, romanian and foreign, classical and contemporary. We intend to organize temporary exhibitions (personal and collective) of romanian and foreign artists, exposure of consecrated artists and to promote emerging romanian and international artistic. Also, there will be organized cultural events, conferences, seminars, debates and presentations editorial, the gallery space is very generous for this kind of events. Located on the Bd. Lascar Catargiu no. 1, rounds Romana Square, the heart of Bucharest, Roman Gallery is both a destination 'must-see' for connoisseurs in the field and a place easy to find for those who want to buy or to admire works of exceptional artists romanian and international small furniture copyright, decorative art, etc. On our site you can find more information about events and exhibitions held in the gallery. www.galeriaromana.ro Roman Gallery, a house-monument dedicated to art The Roman Gallery restored Bucharest one of the most beautiful buildings, built in the first half of the twentieth century. Roman Gallery, Boulevard Lascar Catargiu 1, Romana square, became the soul of this architectural house-monument. In its generous rooms, bright, with an air of nobility of old, living in perfect harmony fine art and decorative, romanian and foreign, classical and contemporary. Here are exhibited works of romanian classics major artists. Olso, important artists of today are happy to be present on its cymas, too. Roman Gallery makes his debt of honor to promote romanian art, awareness of it both in the national cultural space and alien. Visiting an exhibition at the Roman Gallery is like a journey in a story in the art world which makes you, at the end of it, to go with the heart full of colors and smiling. Roman Gallery is like a friend, always waiting for you with open arms.

Atelier Roma-Milita Sion

Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
05.10.2018 - 05.10.2018
  • 19:00 - Deschidere
  • 02:00 - Inchidere
Gallery Owners:

"Enjoying a glorious architect's career, Miliţa Sion has created adjecently to architecture, or better said on its verge, a painting style that up to a point has been fueled by her own architectural meditations, gaining coherence and full autonomy as already seen in her previos exhibitions and in the present one more then ever before" Ioana Vlasiu The artist Miliţa Sion dedicates this exhibition to the great city of Rome which she often admired from the hills, from PINCIO, trying to capture its spirit hiding beneath appearence of the urban landscape. "This evocation of Rome "CAPUT MUNDI", is related to its destiny as the heart of the Roman Empire, the great stoke of Christianity that has triumphed after centuries of bloody persecution and opened an era of new european civilization. "Besides the biblical connotation of the emblematic work "QUO VADIS?", the question WHERE ARE YOU GOING?", is essential and permament in our life. It is the underlying theme of my works that express the path which transcends reality".Miliţa Sion, september 2018