MARe/Museum of Recent Art
Bulevardul Primăverii nr. 15

MARe/Museum of Recent Art (since october 9th 2018) is the first pivate art museum build in Bucharest after communism. Focused on Romanian Art produced between 60s and today, MARe has (and is) also exhibiting artists with international recognition: Jeff Wall, Martin Creed or Thomas Ruff. Starting with october 17th 2019, the ”Marcia Hafif. Pigment as Shape” will be open to the public. Since its opening, MARe produced 4 exhibitions with Romanian artists and 4 exhibitions with international artists. MARe means: art exhibitions, architecture, film, experimental music and educational programmes (for children and adults). For NAG 2019, MARe will keep both its shop and cafeteria opened for the visitors.