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The beauty of indifference

05:00 - 03:00
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Exclusiv NAG
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09/30/2016 - 10/01/2016

The beauty of indifference is the anachronic and polysemantic beauty of finding aesthetic poles that can visually recompose an interrupted history of urban spaces. Escalating the noble use of recycled materials, in a permanent attempt to deconstruct, build and reshape space, artists speak to an aesthetic attitude that synthesizes the chaos of materials and textures dragged from the urban space. The challenge implies the use of strong lines, stable compositions and urban generated visuals which paired with the mental construction site of the brain -organized, functional system, produces images that can be overlapped and burnt onto our retinas as compacted urban sequences. This process, similar to building a house, slowly reveals elements that we can recognize as familiar puzzle pieces, because they pertain to our homes, cities, worlds. In this recycling culture, the minimal, abstractionist path comes as a revitalizing aesthetic pulse, sequencing the need for order and discipline of the supra structures that occupy the cosmopolitan cities. In the assembly of works we find the beauty of indifference as a spectacular vision, meant to amplify the architectonic links that our minds project.