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The Introspective Hero

18:00 - 03:00
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Exclusiv NAG
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08/27/2016 - 08/27/2016

A first question: Who is the young man that smiles from the photo? What mark did he leave in the 20th Century? Maybe it was nothing, maybe he fundamentally contributed witch is only now revelated. The orphan who fought to survive, the moral adolescent who tried to find purpose in the world by his own, the young naval military student from Constanta, the happy husband, father, grandfather, tunnel builder, opener of worlds... His avatars are slowly revealed following a laborious analitical process. He is my grandfather. The „History” of his reconfigured legend is subject to these light cones. The puzzle recreates an interruptions path, highlighted significantly: The 2nd of December 1929 Moment, the 7th of June 1953 Moment, The 5th of October 2010 Moment... random dates in the temporal path, mythical dates in the history of a family. Moments caught by the perceptive lens of a camera had frozen for us, the ones left behind, a necessary pilgrimage, genealogic, biographic. Meanwhile, nostagia replaced memory, composing in leisure, nests of objective light, in the opening of which we can study the array of a lifetime, compressed in the dark room of a tower. Past’s specters are revealed in the infinite tango of opened instances. My grandfather used to search for the light foraging through earth’s layers. He constructed viaducts, putting wings in the sky. His biography is a monument of a person’s heroic nature who refused to collapse in a state of desperation. With abilities and gentility worthy of a Russian novel, he managed to avoid death during World War II and deflect from any form of collaboration with the Eastern Bloc, as he was a tireless traveller. The Revolution of ’89 caught him in Brasov protecting next to other men, the bulding we were living in, against unwelcomed people, even during Christmas Eve. As he raised me, he also took over the role of the tutor, together with my mother and grandmother, and he did it with the same lack of intrusion and daintyness that characterized him so well. He taught me countless useful things in life, like playing chess, making brandy and talking to people. In his later years, the kids from the neighbourhood called him „grandpa” and often he would bring them candies or small gifts on special occasions. He died alone at the local hospital, another victim of a corrupt and sick system. But the moments incapsulated here pertain to Cornel, the man, the husband, the father figure, the gandfather, the introspective hero, the one who conducted his own course of life, the destiny of a family, of an Era. He is the artisan and the actor of these illuminated objects. My role as an artist is reduced to giving course to a promise...