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Str. Muresenilor


20:00 - 03:00
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Exclusiv NAG
Perioada expozitie:
09/30/2016 - 10/01/2016

The pulse of the city space constitutes the leitmotif imprinted on the body of work of the artists and at the same time it’s a pretext to solve the cryptic content of the dynamic system that makes it work. In the search for a materialization of these manifestations, through recycling the concept of construction/deconstruction ,,the“ body” of the city was born. Adjoining the eclectic shell and its volatile content makes it work as a soul trapped by materiality; thus, all elements that take part in it have the capacity to give the city organic qualities, temperature and a pulse, much like a body. In an attempt to bring out the apollonian – dionysian dualism of the cosmopolitan area, the artists make use of materials or elements that pertain to the architectural area of interest/specific to the classical painting approach; they also use techniques attached to the conceptual worksite, almost performative, meant to liquefy the transition between the cemented, static exoskeleton and the fluid it contains. Gestualities, implicate the viewer and at the same time they provoke him to actively participate, to consciously take part in the city pulse that evolves permanently as a functional organ.