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UNAgaleria (10 G-ral Budisteanu, Bucharest)is the exhibiting space of the Bucharest National University of Arts, dedicated to the organisation of events – exhibitions, seminars, workshops, round tables, interdisciplinary projects – that promote the university and foster creativity and innovation in the academic curriculum as well as the other activities of students and professors. UNAgaleria is run by a curatorial board that proposes and selects the activities taking place in this venue.

The forreigner

19:00 - 04:00
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Vernisaj la NAG
Perioada expozitie:
09/30/2016 - 10/04/2016

"I was born in the Republic of Moldova but I grew up in a family of economic emigrants in Greece and I am currently studying in Romania. I never managed to form my own national identity; I never felt that I belong somewhere. That's the reason I feel that I'll keep living my life on the road. For this project I decided to go back to Greece, the place where the waters of my identity were stirred. I decided to dedicate this project to all the people that had shared the same experience. I met with 32 individuals, most of them women. While they were talking to me, I would see me parent’s faces reflected to theirs. As for the teenagers, we managed to achieve a deeper bond and communication due to our mutual experiences. All these people opened up to me and shared their personal stories regarding their journey. These personal tales you will find written on paper by each and everyone's proper hand at the exhibition that takes place at UNAgaleria. This project is an effort to familiarize the audience with this traumatic experience, the psychological phenomena, the difficulties of adaptation to a new society and the dangers that follow the exploration of such issues as xenophobia and racism." Doina Cojocaru