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strada Vasile Lascăr nr.36

Sculpture, Soundscape, Mapping

19:00 - 02:00
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Vernisaj la NAG
Perioada expozitie:
09/30/2016 - 10/01/2016

Sculpture, Soundscape, Mapping

Exploring a new type of creativity

Andrei Balan- Sculpture

Dan Ionescu- Mapping

Glassblowers Garden is coming with a sculpture exhibition that wishes to transpose consecrated values in a contemporary light, binding sculpture with sound and video mapping,

The terms of painter, sculptor and others no longer cover the searching area of a contemporary artist. These terms tend to fusion just as the contemporary artistic expression modes are.

Andrei Balan, graduated the Architectural Faculty (2006) and the Sculpture Section within UnArte(2009), can be identified as a descendent of the Romanian School of Sculpture that comes to synthesise the existing sculptural vision, constantly relating his work with the local values, succeeding to maintain a balance between universal content and traditional Romanian valences form.

“Not any carved rock, cut wood or shaped portrait can become a sculpture. Making art means being capable of witnessing a unique encounter after a prolonged labour.

We consider that contemporary audience needs to taste the exact moment of meeting the magic, to understand the processes complexity, and not to be presented with a flat final product.

Soundscape - exploratory status, forcing to encounter music. By choosing 3-4 notes (geometrical precision) – improvising – catches the unexpected, the power, the moment’s status – unplanned musical sketch – harmony through symmetrical addition (same notes in different octaves)

Sculpture - rationality, patience, cumulation – the power to convey of a long searched shape

Mapping Projection – underlining the architecture behind the shape – binder between the sounds moment and the shape’s patience.”