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Bd. Carol nr. 53

Surrealist Puzzle

19:00 - 20:00
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Deschis la NAG
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09/30/2016 - 09/30/2016

Surrealist puzzle Three avant-garde manifests, with live foley, sound design & ... weird pages by Urmuz Foley’Ala (Bucharest/RO): Alin Zăbrăuţeanu – sound artist: composition, foley, electronics, live processing Marian „Rufi” Cîtu – sound artist: composition, foley, electronics, live processing Alexandra Andrieş – sound artist: electronics, percussion, voice Flora Pop – violin Radu Rădescu – percussion, texts special guest: Irina Margareta Nistor The film, music and literature show in the form of a surrealistic puzzle proposes a quasi-improvised experiment meant to reconstruct the soundtrack of three landmark-films of the avant-garde in European cinema. It aims to suggest a non-conformist sound by using original musical ideas and a surprising instrumental formula. The electronic sound approach tries to reach new exploration areas of revolutionary films of the period, but conceived long before the digital age. The verbal interventions are intended to generate unusual combinations of ideas, moods and meanings between image dynamics and text depths. The soundtrack for this hybrid project consists of a mixture of contemporary sounds, industrial rhythms, synthesizers, acoustic instruments and voice, with live electronic modulations. Besides the Dadaist-inspired improvisations, the films’ atmosphere is enriched by sound effects in real-time (live foley) and recitative inserts selected from the futurist works of the Romanian avant-garde writer Urmuz. Ballet mecanique (1924) Directors: Fernand Leger & Dudley Murphy Writer: Fernand Leger 16 min. Un chien andalou (1929) Director: Luis Bunuel Writers: Salvador Dali & Luis Bunuel with a psychoanalytic intervention from Spellbound (1945) Director: Alfred Hitchcock Set design: Salvador Dali 17 min. Entr’acte (1924) Director: Rene Clair Writers: Francis Picabia & Rene Clair 20 min.