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Strada Teheran nr.22 sector 1
House on Tehran 22 is at the third event of this kind. In 2010 we started with an urban action where personal/interior/private space has become public. On the front façade of the house we reconstructed dear family rooms using our own functional furniture pieces reinterpreted and reinvested with new value and purpose. In 2015 we said Homoludens, celebrating the White Night of the Galleries. In 2016 the house opens its doors again adding new artists, emerging, on the rise, more or less consecrated, but all full of inspiration and drive for Homoludens 2 - Homoludens Betterer Event. 

Homoludens 2 - Betterer

18:00 - 06:00
Tip eveniment:
Exclusiv NAG
Perioada expozitie:
09/30/2016 - 09/30/2016

Homoludens 2 is a natural progression. We called it (assumed) Homoludens Betterer. To laugh, to have fun. Because of what it is about, actually: beautiful things made and emanated from a playful try, from people who enjoy themselves first (... yes, selfish!) and then make others love it. We gathered on the walls of the house in Tehran 22 beautiful things, eye candy, from graphics and illustration, photography, video, sculpture, painting, collage, object, intervention and all of the above combined in a fun-senile manner as art installations. We reinterpret, expose on walls and wherever we can, we caress, care for them, show them to you, we laugh at them and at ourselves and we play with the media, because that's what people who construct, produce and deconstruct do - a free and playful spirit. Let's brew moods and atmospheres and spirit, where we'll add a pinch of everything around the house: sound, wits, lighting and amuse-bouche's, something for everyone, for good times. Lets Homoludens 2 - Homoludens Betterer!