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LABORNA Gallery marks the monthly professional individual artistic performance. We preserve the artist’s activity over a fixed period of time without claiming to hold an “exhibition”. The presentations for the general public are called BORNE (« MILESTONES ») and are organized every month (in the first year), at every two moths (in the second), at every three moths (in the 3th) and at every four moths (in the 4th) on the last Tuesday. The artists who contributed to the gallery are: Traian Boldea and Ciprian Paleologu, each having an individual exhibition space. The third distinct space is represented by a contemporary art collector, Daniel Ștefănică, who exhibits every month the works he had purchased during the respective period. Daniel Stefănică is a collector of contemporary art since 1997, having in his collection works by significant artists, such as: Nicolae Comănescu, Gili Mocanu, Florin Tudor and Mona Vatamanu, Angela Bontaș, Ciprian Paleologu, Dumitru Gorzo, Ecaterina Vrana, Florin Ciulache, Traian Boldea, Tara von Neudorf, Codruța Cernea, Anca Mureșan, Zoltan Bela, Roman Tolici, Simona Vilău, Andras Szabo, Ioana Ursa, George Anghelescu, Paul Neagu, Bogdan Vlăduță, Ștefan Ungureanu, Tets Ohnari, Răzvan Boar, Francisc Chiuariu, Gheorghe Ilea, Zanga, Amalia Dulhan, Alina Buga, Mihail Coșuletu, Iulia Nistor. The forth space, called SCARA (the « LADDER ») is dedicated to young artists, so on MILESTONES events, an artist who is at the beginning of his carrier has the opportunity, following a selection, to contribute to completing the LABORNA Gallery profile. The fifth space: SubSCARa / “Mapus Mundi” belongs to Ovidiu Morar,a collector of strange objects, that create for almost 30 years imaginary maps and builds different types of installations with his spectacular objects. The public is used to the « purged » version both to the artist’s vision as well as the collector’s, recognizing a series of filters – exhibition concept, project analysed, redefined, and « wrapped » in the « spectacular -viewing » form, museum, antique collections, etc. The access to the laboratory of the artist or the collector’s is fairly rare, the full perspective which his vision is built on being most often difficult to follow. That is why we can say that LABORNA Galley is in fact like a meter: creation and collection in real time.

LABORNA & Friends / Still working/ IV/ DRAWING

19:00 - 04:00
Tip eveniment:
Exclusiv NAG
Perioada expozitie:
08/30/2016 - 08/30/2016

LABORNA & Friends / Still Working/ IV/ Drawing, is an special event on Bucharest White Night of Art Galleries/Bucharest. We are creating a collective archive, in a specific moment, with the unfinished works of artists invited by LABORNA . On this 4th edition we choose the Drawing as the subject. The exhibits are mainly a sequence in real time of a stage of creation. A promises is more consistent than a certainty. A cutting can be more spectacular than the whole.