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str. Aviator Petre Cretu

GRAPHIC DESIGN : what's the purpose ?

19:00 - 02:00
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Exclusiv NAG
Perioada expozitie:
09/30/2016 - 09/30/2016

The exhibition “GRAPHIC DESIGN: what’s the purpose?“ is curated by Concept Machine branding and design studio and features works produced by Romanian graphic designers and studios. We feel that in today’s context graphic design still needs to be explained to the larger public. What is graphic design? Where is graphic design used? Why is it used? How is it done? What’s the purpose of all this? So we have ventured in a journey with the aim to find the most meaningful graphic design works of nowadays. We collect pieces that use different techniques and approaches; graphic design with applications for culture, business and manifestos; graphic design that as art and graphic design used as a business-tool. In either way, we intend to show that graphic design is impactful, because it talks to the people. Besides the exhibition the event will present a video projection with famous design talks and a graffiti live performance. The exhibited designers: coming soon Thanks to all our partners that made this event possible : coming soon Stay updated with the event : www.nag.conceptmachine.ro