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Centrul Multicultural Cetatea Artelor Henri Coandă 38


22:30 - 23:30
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09/30/2016 - 09/30/2016

White Night of Art Galleries #10 ARTIDAVA Cultural Center Henri Coandă 38, Bucharest Friday, 30.09.16, 10:30 p.m. SOUND MENAGERIE Performing: SonoMania feat. Rufi Raluca Stratulat (violin), Valentin Ghita (oboe), Mihai Pintenaru (clarinet), Tamara Dica (viola), Olivia Ghita (cello), Mihai Murariu (piano); special guest: Irinel Anghel (performance); artistic director and music conductor: Diana Rotaru Marian Cîtu (Rufi): live electronics “Sound Menagerie” is a foray into the labyrinth of imaginary beings from the minds of modern and contemporary composers, the evolution of said beings being structured on 4 areas: “larvae”, “insects”, “birds” and “beasts”. Irinel Anghel’s “Flomizile realităţii imperceptibile” (“The Butterpillars of the Imperceptible Reality”) is an “almost music” for ensemble. A buzzing kaleidoscope of insects will be released from the scores of Benjamin Britten, Doina Rotaru and Sebastian Androne, while fluid wings will fly and hypnotic snakes will crawl from those of Gabriel Mălăncioiu and Diana Rotaru. As for mythological monsters, Dan Dediu borrowed Mandrakes and Unicorns from Borges, while Mihai Măniceanu concocted bizarre tricephalic creatures. Program: LARVAE (ca. 10 min) Irinel Anghel - “Flomizile Realităţii Imperceptibile din Muzeul Somnului” / “The Butterpillars of the Imperceptible Reality from the Sleep Museum” - an almost music for ensemble Live electronics INSECTS (ca. 15 min) Doina Rotaru – “Dragonfly” – piccolo clarinet + live electronics Benjamin Britten – “Two Insect Pieces” (Grasshopper, The Wasp) – oboe, piano Sebastian Androne – “The Cricket” – oboe, violin, viola, cello Live electronics SNAKES (ca. 5 min) Diana Rotaru – “Meander” for clarinet + live electronics BIRDS (ca. 5 min) Gabriel Mălăncioiu – “Für Enescu” – oboe, clarinet, violin, viola, cello Live electronics BEASTS (ca. 15 min) Dan Dediu – “A Mythological Bestiary”: “Unicorn”, “Mandrake” – violin, piano Mihai Măniceanu – “Tricephalous” – oboe, clarinet, harpsichord Aprox.duration: 60 minutes Organizer: Pro Contemporania Cultural Association Parteners: MACAIA Cultural Association, The Romanian Music Information Center (CIMRO), The National University of Music in Bucharest Links: http://sonomania.webs.com/ http://irinelanghel.eu/