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Salonul de proiecte is a curatorial program initiated in 2011 by Magda Radu and Alexandra Croitoru. The program focuses through exhibitions, presentations and debates on the Romanian contemporary art, while positioning young artists' productions into a broader context, local as well as international. Between 2011 and 2015 Salonul de proiecte was located within MNAC Anexa and was supported by the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest. Since the fall of 2015 the program functions exclusively through the Salonul de proiecte Association. Team: Alina Bucur, Alexandra Croitoru, Magda Radu, Ștefan Sava. Salonul de proiecte Universul Printing House Building B, Floor 1 Ion Brezoianu 23-25 Bucharest, Romania Thursday – Sunday / 15.00 – 19.00 www.salonuldeproiecte.ro http://www.facebook.com/SdeProiecte

The Factory of Facts and Other (Unspoken) Stories

19:00 - 00:00
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Deschis la NAG
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09/21/2016 - 10/30/2016

Motivated by a re-reading of Dziga Vertov’s The Factory of Facts and Other Writings (1926) and by studies and researches in urbanism and culture dedicated to the professional and political practices that shaped Romania’s civic centres from the 1960s to the 1980s, the exhibition The Factory of Facts and Other (Unspoken) Stories brings together a montage of visual commentaries that make up a subjective reportage on the condition of those public spaces today. The four case studies examined by studioBASAR, Matei Bejenaru, Nicu Ilfoveanu and Șerban Savu are cut-outs of everyday realities and social histories that are forgotten or overlooked and which, once transferred to the visual space, take on the value of symbolic reference points for the processes whereby the (post-)communist urban cultural landscape is transformed and represented. 

The Factory of Facts and Other (Unspoken) Stories does not aim to trace a linear history of the dialectic of systematization and the public discourse that went hand in hand with the process of redefining Romania’s town centres. On the other hand, it does set out to reveal (unspoken) stories about the spaces and buildings that defined the civic centres, while at the same time reflecting on the social relevance of the interventions, as well as on the “logic” that influenced the means of negotiating and appropriating a past experience, of adapting it to the needs and phantasms of the present day. 

The objective and analytical gaze of the artists focuses on and isolates urban images and architectural objects (such as the Trade Unions Culture Club, the Department Store, the central square, etc.), using a sensorial and cinematic approach to reflect on the way in which these representations have preserved their role as landmarks for community life. Likewise, these images and objects open up new perspectives for a reading of their structural role in the contemporary urban landscape, beyond the practices and procedures that have affected their functions, their aesthetic and their direct relation to the social dynamic existing at the urban level. 

Within the economy of the exhibition, events, subjective experiences, images and architectural objects become stimuli for further reflection on the life of the city, on the contestations and challenges experienced by the everyday space, on unspoken and unknown histories. Exhibiting the alternative paths of an urban process, The Factory of Facts and Other (Unspoken) Stories ultimately invites the viewer to read its facts as an affective complement to recent social and cultural history. 

The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of three presentations on the subject, which will be given by architects Laura Popa-Florea, Alex Răuță and Irina Tulbure and will be held at the Salonul de proiecte in October 2016. 

The Factory of Facts and Other (Unspoken) Stories project will continue in a new format at the DOMINO Contemporary Art Space, part of the Paintbrush Factory in Cluj. 

Acknowledgments: Ana Alexe, Enescu George, Dani Ghercă, Stelian Grigoras, Alexandru Mircea, Simona Necula, Irina Negraru, Ingrid Pimsner, Alex Răuță, Aurelia Soare, Ileana Tureanu, Irina Tulbure, Ana Maria Zahariade, Hotel Decebal, Bacău; Hotel Racova, Vaslui; Hotel Trotuș, Onești; Hotel Turris, Turnu Măgurele.

Archive images, courtesy of: The Union of Romanian Architects Photographic Archive

The exhibition is organised by Salonul de proiecte Association as part of the project Building the Social: Art and Architecture.

Cultural project financed within the Cultural Program Bucharest In-visible City of ARCUB – The Center for Cultural Projects of the City of Bucharest.

Cultural project co-financed by The Administration of the National Cultural Fund.

The project does not necessarily represent the position of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. AFCN is neither responsible of the project content or of the way in which the project results may be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the grant beneficiary.

The exhibition is produced with the support of The Romanian Order of Architects.

Partners: CEREFREA Villa Noël Bucharest, The Union of Romanian Architects, Consproiect SA Ploiești, The Centre for Contemporary Photography in Iași (C_F_C), Plan B Foundation Cluj, P+4 Association Bucharest

Sponsor: Corcova Roy & Dâmboviceanu

Salonul de proiecte functions with the long-term support of the Art Encounters Foundation, Timișoara.