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44 Sfintii Apostoli Street

Unveiling Histories. From Sainte Victoire to Fontainebleau

19:00 - 02:00
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09/30/2016 - 10/30/2016

Alain Feliu is a French born photographer from Aix en Provence, working and living in Basel, Switzerland; graduate of Vevey School of Photography, the artist is specialized in all classical techniques of the chosen medium, which he connotes and translates from a conceptual level into a neo-romantic and existentialist manner of representation. Unveiling Histories. From Sainte Victoire to Fontainebleau, a solo show especially conceived by Alain Feliu for Zorzini Gallery, comprises a selection of images deriving from two different photography series, which were taken during more than two decades apart; thus, the first part of the exhibition unveils beautiful devastating landscapes of Mountain Sainte Victoire (the beloved mountain of Cezanne) after a significant fire in 1989, while the second part of the exhibition presents the orphic and romantic historical statues of Fontainebleau veiled, during restoration works in 2015 (Fontainebleau, crate of impressionism and a motif in the early work of Cezanne). The overall atmosphere of Alain Feliu solo show creates a feeling of historical mystery, which encapsulates the memory of two sites, related once upon a time in art history, meanwhile, the two subjects re-created as one series of images adjust the aperture in the eye of the photographer, becoming the unveiling tool of an unseen passion…