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Bulevardul Mărășești nr. 80-82


17:00 - 00:00
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Deschis la NAG
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05/01/2016 - 12/25/2016

Virginia Lupu / Solo Show – Selected Works

“Virginia Lupu dedicated three years of consistent photographic focus to the lives, dramas, promiscuities, narratives, intimate details, parties, anguishes, sexualities and moral geographies of a 'group of people' which is not exactly socially active. She showed the way in which transition bodies appear and the way in which they interact emotionally with the others or the rest. It was difficult and challenging to organise this exhibition, given that the subject it approaches – the Bucharest transgender community – is not easily described within an unequivocal disciplinary and discursive framework, and furthermore given that is shows a wide capacity to create new critical dialogues.” (Adriana Trancă)

Virginia Lupu is a photographer living and working in Bucharest. She is at present attending the National Arts University in Bucharest. Show selection: Hansel loves Gretel, solo show at the Visual Arts Centre Bucharest (2015), The World – Image, Group Show at the Visual Arts Centre Bucharest (2014).

CNDB – State Institutions

Project coordinator, performer, architect: Andreea David

Authors: Edi Constantin, Brînduşa Tudor, Anca Cioarec, Ioan Cernei and Tiina Sööt, Anca Vasile, Roșca Elena Mădălina and Botezatu Alexandru, Maria Hajdu, Laura Teocan, Marian Cîtu and Ionuț Cherana. And an unknown author!

The mission of this project is to lay out, furnish and activate the yard of the National Dance Centre of Bucharest and turn it into a public space serving the community of NDCB dancers, choreographers and audience, as well as residents in the neighbourhood. It is our desire that the yard calls forth and generates reunions, concerts, parties, dance and movement exercises, choreographic practices, performative interventions, karaoke and much more, and for it all to take place with gates INTENSIVELY open, as long as the nice weather allows it. This performative construction site, as we envision it, is a background where everyone's intervention is both an individual experiment and part of the collective project of setting up the yard with seats.

Corporal Practices In the LoudSpeakers 

Choreography: Andreea David

We INTENSIVELY open the NDCB and practice in the yard, sitting on a chair or standing, body awareness exercises inspired by the Feldenkreiss Method. We will by guided through a series of soft movement. By practicing our attention, the nervous system will discover new movement possibilities and will easily abandon less functional habits. Thus, movement is more efficient, easier, pains and strain will disappear, increasing body self-awareness. The purpose of this intervention is that of making movement techniques for the benefit of the body, mind and spirit available to everyone – from the passersby on Mărăşeşti Boulevard to those coming straight to the NDCB.

The Mamas And Papas Of Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance film screening

Curatorial selection: Carmen Coţofană together with Vava Ştefănescu and Farid Fairuz.