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Federația Galeriilor și Artiștilor din Fabrica de Pensule

Daria Dumitrescu
The Paintbrush Factory is a contemporary art space opened in early 2009 in order to coagulate ideas and projects of several organizations, galleries, cultural managers and artists from Cluj-Napoca. One of the most relevant examples of converting an industrial building into an independent cultural space in Romania, The Paintbrush Factory is a benchmark for contemporary artistic production.

The Paintbrush Factory Galleries and Artists Federation (FGAFP) was established at the beginning of 2016 at the initiative of a group of galleries and artists (Intact Cultural Foundation, Bazis Association, Baril Association, Sabot Association and The Paintbrush Factory Artists Association) in response to the need to transparently and impartially represent the interests of all the members of the artistic community of The Paintbrush Factory. Its structure is made up of six contemporary art spaces (Sabot gallery, Intact Space, Bazis, Baril gallery, Atelier Irina M and Nano gallery), 13 artist studios, 4 residency spaces and more than 35 artists who aim to provide the city with a space for discussion on relevant artistic topics and to engage in strategic cultural projects.