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Copy of a copy of a copy ...

04:00 - 04:59
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09/26/2016 - 09/26/2016

The project,, Copy of a copy of a copy ... '' focuses on the objectification of the female body in the contemporary art space. The female subject is placed in the position of an object, subject of the aesthetic rules imposed by the mass-media, by the present society. In the exhibited works we see the distortion of the feminine image that comes as a result of narcissistic attitudes, representing the obsession to create their own self improved image. The feminist theories have tried to prove that women in our society are often identified and associated with their bodies in a greater degree than men, so they are evaluated by on the basis of their looks. In order to obtain acceptance of society, women are subjected to constant pressure to correct their bodies and make them in accordance with current commercial aspect. This pressure exerted on women to spend countless hours to beautify is done consciously, due to the need to be seen and admired by the opposite sex, so women are strongly influenced by the male gaze, who deny their human identity by pushing them to the status of an object.