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About BIS Teatru/ BIS Theatre In the fall of 2006 a group of young actors suggested , in Sibiu, a different type of theatrical performance, in less conventional locations. In 2009 this initiative group gave their artistic pursuits a juridical structure and founded The BIS Cultural Association, an NGO developing different cultural projects, among which “ 25 DE ORE DE TEATRU NON-STOP”/ “25 HOURS OF NON-STOP THEATRE” Festival and “TEATRUL DIN CARTIER”/ THE NEIGHBOURHOOD THEATRE”. The performances that are presently being produced by BIS Association mean: permanent theatrical season at Atrium Sibiu under the BIS TEATRU symbol; 12 actors( employees or associate actors/collaborators ), along with a variable number of volunteers; a varied repertoire including eleven in-door performance titles and two street ones; the musical project”Lipiciosii/ The Stickies”. Since August 2016 the BIS performances have also been performed in the BIS Garden from Sibiu, 56 Stefan cel Mare Street.


22:00 - 23:20
Tip eveniment:
Exclusiv NAG
Perioada expozitie:
09/30/2016 - 09/30/2016

"Clandestino. Entomologico-musical version of the diluvienne story ". A BIS Theatre that brings together Laurentiu Claudiu Bănescu and Fălămaş. Illegal on Noah's ark. Illegal in the universe. Alone. Together. Inspired from the first chapter of "A History of the World in 10½ Chapters" by Julian Barnes, Clandestino lies on one of the oldest turmoils of the individual: On which cabin am I traveling in the cruise of life? CAR, CARI - masculine noun. Name given to several species of small insects, pests from the order of beetles, hairy body and short legs, living in wood and feed on it. From the Latin Carius. (Source: DEX online) Clandestino is a production of BIS Theatre.