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LABORNA Gallery marks the monthly professional individual artistic performance. The presentations for the general public called BORNE (« MILESTONES ») preserve the artist’s activity over a fixed period of time with the intention to reveal a complete and complex artists archive, more than claiming to show a conventional “exhibition”. LABORNA Gallery was founded in 2013, at the initiative of Ciprian Paleologu. In the gallery individual spaces Traian Boldea, Marian Poiană, Ciprian Paleologu, Ovidiu Morar and the contemporary art collector Daniel Ștefănică had shown there works. Along with them we dedicated a specific space: SCARA to young artists. The public is used to the « purged » version both to the artist’s vision as well as the collector’s, recognizing a series of filters – exhibition concept, project analysed, redefined, and « wrapped » in the « spectacular -viewing » form, museum, antique collections, etc. The access to the laboratory of the artist or the collector’s is fairly rare, the full perspective which his vision is built on being most often difficult to follow.That is why we can say that LABORNA Galley is in fact like a meter: creation and collection in real time.

The Happiness Recipe/ Ciprian Paleologu/ The 10th stage of the Proiectului UMAN

Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
25.09.2018 - 23.10.2018
  • 19:00 - Deschidere
  • 03:00 - Inchidere
LABORNA Gallery presents between 25.09 - 23.10. 2018 the 10th stage of The HUMAN Project by Ciprian Paleologu, called “The Happiness Recipe”. The wish of 24/24 endless delivery happiness, moulded on a specialized society in existential fakes, is one of the most powerful contemporary social viruses. Humanity creates scripts, occasions, special contexts in order to produce conventional happiness. People are mad on living unique happy things, but in the end they copy/paste the same commonplace. The irony is the most sharpest knife which should cut through this colorful ballon, where most of us are floating without safety measures. “The Happiness Recipe” stage opens a series of “Happy Days” (labor, food, relax, building, sport, erotic, chaos) full of details, where you can loose or find yourself in. It reveals a period of seven days, the most common for any human. This series can be infinitely replicated by the viewer on demand. I started the HUMAN Project in 2000, when I was 24, aiming to build-up the architecture of a world. I chose accurately the phases and the general functional details to be followed. I attached to each sequence a role, the constitutive elements and the determinations within the assembly. The 24 biennial stages of the Project are meant to be carried on until I’ll be 70, though the mechanism has the due resources to make it function and develop even after my biological death. The survey of the HUMAN Project highlights two main components: 1. The prerequisite – HOMAGE TO HELPLESSNESS – is made of a series of displays able to identify and “illustrate”, through successive proofs, man’s constant regressive tendency to motivate his inner spirit, both as collective and individual phenomenon. The spirit, qua main inductor, loses a part of its capacity of excitation due to the compulsive assembly of prevailingly superficial stimuli a society generates cyclically. 2. The (utopian) conclusion – THE HOMODROME – imposes the building-up of a human-correction mega-aggregate (i.e. the setting up the Institute of Corrective Research).